Piere Enume

Piere Enume is a Cameroonian football referee who last appeared in Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Enume is a normal referee who is neither too strict, nor too lenient with fouls and cards; in other words, his foul strictness and card strictness levels are normal. A lot of people from the global Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer community consider Piere Enume as a top football ref.

BIO: Piere Enume was born in 1968 in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon. The third son of a farming family with six kids, Piere Enume grew up helping his parents with farming. In the weekends, he used to play football with his classmates. When he grew up, he decided to leave for Yaoundé, the Cameroonian capital city, in order to attend some football arbitrating seminars and acquire a football ref license, which he managed to do in a remarkably short period. He is considered a respected member of the African Football Confederation (CAF).