Mario Pedrotti

Mario Pedrotti is an Italian football referee who last appeared in Pro Evolution Soccer 6. He is a standard referee, neither too lenient, nor too strict. He is generally considered a fair one and widely accepted as a solid and just piece of referee by the Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer community.

BIO: Mario Pedrotti was born in 1966 in Lecce, Apulia. Son of a fisherman, Mario Pedrotti owns (and runs) a barber shop in his home city, with his wife, Catalina. He became a football referee after the proposal of one of his close friends, with whom he attended some arbitrating seminars conducted by Pierluigi Collina, the legendary Italian referee.

THEORY: He was named either after Carlo Pedrotti, an Italian opera composer who lived during the 19th century, or after Carlo's colleague, Antonio, who lived from 1901 to 1975.