Kazuki Ito

Kazuki Ito is a Japanese football referee who last appeared in Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Ito is the most iconic referee, due to the fact that he is the strictest referee featured in PES. His hater-base inside the global Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer community is huge and undoubtedly has every right to hate this fictional character. Kazuki Ito is famous for raising a lot of red cards and is keen to blow his whistle so many times, that he might drive the player crazy and make him break his controller - if his decisions haven't made the player already throw it.

BIO: Kazuki Ito was born in 1967 in Okinawa. Ito started as a football player, but failed to impress bigger clubs from Japan's mainland, so in the age of 28 he stopped his football career. After that, Ito started training amateur clubs from his region, but soon gave up. He then proceeded to become a football referee. Ito is married to a Japanese painter, Ai Tsuzuyama, from Nagasaki. They have three children.

FACT: Kazuki is a name that has different meanings; it derives from (kazu) meaning "one" or 和 (kazu) meaning "harmony, peace" combined with 輝 (ki) meaning "brightness", 希 (ki) meaning "hope" or 樹 (ki) meaning "tree", as well as other combinations of kanji characters. Itō (伊藤) is the sixth most common Japanese family name. Other ways of writing of this name are for example 伊東 and 伊都. Ito (糸) is a Japanese noun meaning "thread; yarn; string", and is also used as a surname in Japan.