Cart White

Cart White is an American football (soccer) referee, who last appeared in Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Cart White is a strict referee, who shows no mercy and is a card-addict. Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer global community has showed numerous times hatred against White.

BIO: Carty "Cart" White was born in 1965 in Taylor, Lafayette County, Mississippi, United States of America. Son of white-supremacist farmers, White is an electrician who also owns a ranch located in the State of Tennessee. A former alcoholic, Cart White has been a controversial, strict Catholic, football ref. Despite that, he has always supported the black community of his town, by donating serious amounts of money and building a small football (soccer) complex, open to all with free-of-charge-use. He is married to a woman of Irish-Italian ancestry who helps him run the Tennessee ranch, alongside his three sons. His daughter is currently studying architecture at Yale.